Nicole to shave hair for cancer charity

It will not just be sheep getting sheared at the Angus Show as one brave Edzell teen is getting her head shaved to raise money for charity.

Nicole Leslie, aged 15, will be getting her head shaved on Saturday, June 8, at the sheep shearing tent at the event to raise money for Cancer research.

The Mearns Academy pupil has selected that particularly charity as her great grandmother, Joyce Hood, sadly passed away from the illness three years ago.

Speaking about the charity event, Nicole said: “I want to do this because I couldn’t do anything to help her when she died.

“I know how it feels to watch someone be taken by cancer, and it’s not nice.”

Nicole opted to shave her hair, as she believes it will make a bigger statement.

She explained: “Most people who get cancer have no choice but to lose their hair, so I am doing this partly because of that.

“Also, I think it would make a bigger statement and maybe get other people to think and do something.”

She has so far raised £300, but if anyone else would like to sponsor her, they can do so by visiting

Nicole added: “Please, please help me try and take down this horrid disease.”

Marie Church from Montrose Street, Brechin, will be on hand at the show to shave Nicole’s head.