No decision made to close Mulberry Unit

Susan Carnegie Centre at Stracathro Hosiptal
Susan Carnegie Centre at Stracathro Hosiptal

Rumours that some mental health services at Stracathro could be relocated to Dundee and Perth on March 31 have been quashed by NHS Tayside.

A member of the public, who asked not to named, raised concerns about having heard of the impending closure of services at the Susan Carnegie Centre, without proper consultation.

They had also been told the beds would be moved to Dundee and Perth on March 31. However, the NHS has said no decision had been made.

Director of Mental Health, Dr Karen Ozden, added: “There has been no decision made to close Mulberry Unit. The strategic vision for clinical mental health services in NHS Tayside is to continue to ensure the largest majority of care and treatment is delivered to people in their own homes and local communities.

“Over the past two years, NHS Tayside has been reviewing its existing clinical models of care across the whole of Tayside and considering how to make best use of the facilities through our Mental Health Improvement Programme.

“This programme of work has been undertaken to further strengthen our services and work with partners so that we can continue to provide safe and effective patient care that is sustainable in the longer term.

“As part of this programme, our clinicians and mental health managers have looked at our clinical pathways, service models and workforce requirements, as well as our facilities and accommodation.

“We have been out talking to staff in our mental health facilities across Tayside and there are further staff sessions arranged over the next few weeks. We have also met with service users, carers and local groups to get their views on the work which has been undertaken so far, and another session is planned in the coming weeks.

“Next part of the process will see all views and opinions incorporated into a report, along with options for future mental health services in Tayside, which will be presented to NHS Tayside Board for consideration in Spring 2016.

“Following any decisions made by NHS Tayside Board to make changes to the services, there will then be a further period of wider engagement and information-sharing across communities in Tayside.”