No decisions taken to close existing facilities

Members of the City of Brechin and District Community Council recently met with council officers to discuss the Brechin Community Campus project, at which they enjoyed an open and extensive conversation on all the issues brought up by local residents.

Project manager Gordon Cargill, senior education manager Craig Clement and Brechin High School head teacher Steve Dempsey were happy to respond to the five main issues and other related matters within their areas of responsibility.

Community Council members found it unfortunate that no officer from neighbourhood services was able to attend.

During the meeting officers were able to give categoric assurances that no decision have been taken to close other facilities in the city.

They further assured Community Council members that there were no plans to have a public library at the new campus.

Steve Dempsey added that the enhanced school library facilities would be made available to members of the public as appropriate.

This will most likely relate to studies and the use of IT facilities.

In response to questions about public transport access to the new campus reassurance was given that discussions would take place and that the relevant department was actively embracing the problem to find appropriate solutions.

When questions were raised about matters including management of the site in relation to site traffic, pupil movement, neighbours particularly in Duke Street and noise, the Carnoustie High School development was cited as an exemplar.

Officers gave clear indications that the site would be managed to ensure that everything possible would be done to minimise disruption to school pupils and neighbours. They added that the contractor must perform to the standards of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Before the meeting concluded, Grahame Lockhart, City of Brechin and District Community Council Convener asked for a report on Brechin City Hall to be forthcoming as it had been in the pipeline for some considerable time.

Summing up the meeting Grahame commented: “This was a very open and productive discussion.

“I was encouraged by the openness of the officers and very pleased that they agreed to have further meetings with the Community Council as the project progresses.

“I would like to thank these officers for their openness with us and their willingness to have their comments put on record.

Grahame added: “Our members still have many questions on the matters pertaining to neighbourhood services department and I have already written to the director requesting a meeting to discuss these issues.

“The Community Council will continue to listen to our community and take up their concerns to ensure we have the best outcome possible for all members of our community.”