No more car boot sales?

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THE MacDonald Energy City of Brechin Pipe Band held their annual sponsored walk on Sunday.

For the last five years, the event has been followed by an equally successful car boot sale.

However, it looks as if Edzell Muir’s days as a venue for such events may well be in question.

Band spokesperson Kath McAndrew explained: “We were due to hold the event originally on Sunday, May 8.

“However, it was postponed due to the weather and when I went to Angus Council to book the event for this weekend, I was told that they weren’t taking any more bookings at present on a site that is a designated play area.

“I believe this change in policy may have something to do with how busy Edzell was on Easter Sunday.

“The council had obviously decided to allow a car boot sale to go ahead then - on one of the busiest holiday weekends in the calendar year and the results were that the village was very busy.

“However, I would argue that’s exactly what you want when your organising any sort of fund-raising event.

“I was informed, however, that someone from the council had been present that Sunday and felt that the planning department needed to get involved. It’s simply daft!

“It appears red tape has gone mad. This was an important fund-raiser for us that would raise a few hundred pounds for ourselves and a similar amount of money for the local Scout group.

“We have had a very successful relationship with them and five very good years with no problems on the muir and now we are being told the local authority won’t take any more bookings.

“I just wonder if the council are seeing groups like ours making a few pounds to help themselves survive before deciding they want a slice of what’s happening.

“Up until now there hasn’t been any charge for holding a car boot sale. I wonder if that’s about to change.

“It will be too late for us, however, as we had to cancel the car boot element of Sunday’s event and will now have to consider another way we can raise funds in the future.”

An Angus Council spokesman said: “There have been an increasing number of car boot sales at Edzell Muir, now averaging one every two weeks this year between April and October .

“In the light of this increase in numbers, and the volume of cars they attract, we have contacted the sale organisers to ask them to discuss with planning officers if permission for a change of use is required.

“Meantime, we are honouring all bookings up to end of June to give the organisers time to talk with planning officers.