No plans to close City Hall

rumours of popular building’s closure are dismissed by angus council

dismissed by Angus


The Brechin Advertiser was contacted by a member of the public, who does not wished to be named, who had heard rumours of the plan to close the City Hall at the end of the year.

However, the local authority confirmed to the Brechiner that they will continue to use Brechin City Hall and there are no closure plans.

The City Hall’s future has long been a concern for the town, with a questionnaire on that subject issued in 2013.

Question seven asked residents: “Do you think Brechin should retain the City Hall?

‘‘If yes, please state why?”

It prompted such responses as: “Anyone who has to ask ‘why?’ should not be on the council or have anything to do with goings on in Brechin.”

Another respondent added: “Every Angus town has a hall.

‘‘Why should Brechin be without?”

Someone else said: “To get rid of it would be