“No waiting” signs planned

no waiting at any time restrictions could be introduced on a number of Brechin’s roads after complaints have been lodged with Angus Council.

As the Brechiner went to print on Tuesday Angus Council’s infrastructure services department was meeting to discuss the proposals.

A local bus operator has made a complaint after coming across difficulties when negotiating the junction of Airlie Street and Argyll Street due to vehicles parked opposite the junction which has a tight horizontal curve.

The introduction of “no waiting at any time” restrictions on Airlie Street opposite the junction is proposed in order to reduce congestion and improve access to all road users.

Brechin neighbourhood watch have raised concerns about congestion due to parked vehicles in Caledonian Road near its junction with Cookston Road.

It is reported that parking in this manner has, at times, resulted in vehicles being unable to enter the street, and having to reverse onto Cookston Road, due to oncoming vehicles on the wrong side of the road.

In order to reduce congestions and improve access it is proposed to introduce a restriction of “no waiting at any time” on a section of road at the south side of the street extending eastwards from the junction.

Since the introduction of “build-outs”, to assist pedestrians crossing at the junction of Southesk Street and St Ninian’s Place, concerns have been raised about parking in the vicinity of the junction.

This has, at times, restricted the flow if traffic turning at the junction, particularly for long vehicles as well as restricting visibility for vehicles emerging from St Ninian’s Place.

To improve the situation it is proposed to introduce a “no waiting at any time” restriction on Southesk Street and St Ninians Place around the build-outs. It is recommended that the committee agrees to the promotion of the Traffic Regulation Variation orders to affect changes to current waiting restrictions.