Not proven for Brechin driver

The case against a Brechin van driver accused of causing the death of a school boy has been found not proven.

Blair Fearn was on trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court last week accused of driving without due care and attention by reversing and striking nine-year-old Anthony Healy with the vehicle..

The court heard that Anthony died almost instantly on the street near his home near Westhill as a result of the accident in July 2012..

A jury of nine women and six men returned a majority verdict of not proven after four hours of deliberations.

Sheriff Graeme Buchanan told Fearn that he had been acquitted on the charge by the jury and that was the end of the matter.He said to Fearn “you are free to go.”

The court was told that Anthony had been going to a friend’s house on his roller blades when he was hit by the back of Fearn’s Mercedes Sprinter van while he was on Broadside Road.

Fearn said that although he checked his mirrors he had not seen Anthony aproaching him from behind the van from a nearby lane.

Fearn was charged with allegedly failing to check there were no pedestrians behind him as he reversed and striking Anthony who was so severly injured that he died from his injuries. Fearn denied the allegations against him.