Nuclear weapon debate in Brechin

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A recent debate in Brechin about weapons of mass destruction resulted in not a single supporter in their favour.

A spokesman for the Brechin SNP Branch said the debate concluded that WMD were an abomination and their existence on the Clyde should not be tolerated any longer.

Opening the debate SNP member Brian Mitchell referred to a recently released report by members of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties that claimed the Russian Federation along with unnamed other countries, had been identified as potential enemies and therefore there was a need for a generation of nuclear weapons.

“No-one can tell me under what circumstances these weapons would be used but I understand that once a missile is launched it would take about four minutes to reach its target by which time a retaliatory nuclear warhead would be on its way to the Clyde to destroy half the population of Scotland,” said Mr Mitchell.

Also opposed to nuclear weapons was Councillor Mairi Evans who said she deplored the fact that certain parties appeared more concerned for the UK to hold a position of prestige than it was for the welfare of its own people.

“We have 22,000 more children forced into poverty but the Unionist parties prefer to spend millions of pounds annually on these weapons.”