Open heart and wardrobe urges Salvation Army

Brechin’s Salvation Army charity shop has launched a new ‘Open your hearts and wardrobes’ campaign.

The store is appealing to local people to donate their unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories and help support The Salvation Army’s valuable work in communities throughout the UK.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to have a wardrobe clear out and donate items they no longer wear or use to their local charity shop, where the items can be put to good use and contribute to helping those in need.

“We’d like as many people as possible to participate in the ‘Open your hearts and wardrobes’ campaign,” said Arlene McKenna, area manager for Salvation Army Trading Company. “The average UK household owns around £4,000 worth of clothes, and about 30 per cent of it hasn’t been worn in the last year.

“We want to encourage people to think about what’s lurking in the back of their wardrobe that they might be able to donate. Whether it’s a shirt that doesn’t fit, a party dress that hasn’t seen daylight for years, or a handbag that’s been replaced with a newer model – whatever you can spare – each and every donation will help us raise money to support the valuable work of The Salvation Army.”

The shop unveiled new window and in-store posters on June 9 when the campaign launched, along with leaflets explaining what a difference donations of unwanted items could make. The shop is also happy to accept donations of toys, homewares, books, CDs and DVDs.

Arlene added: “We hope that the campaign will resonate with customers old and new. We want to encourage people to stop and think about how something seemingly small, like donating a few items to a charity shop, really can make a significant difference.”