Over emphasis on the Royal Wedding?

A LOCAL mother has questioned the use of this past week’s Royal Wedding as an educational tool.

The mother in question didn’t wish to be named, but her child is a pupil at Andover Primary School.

The lady questioned what pupils aged five to 11/12 would gain from doing work relating to an event which will be watched by millions all over the globe.

She said: “I want to say that I have nothing against the Royal family and really nothing against the way the kids are normally taught at Andover School.

“However, I do think there has been an over-emphasis on the wedding this past couple of weeks in relation to the amount of homework the kids have been bringing home.

“If we really wanted the kids to learn about what’s happening closer to home, why not ask them to find out a bit about the Scottish Parliamentary Elections?

“As I said, I hope the Royal couple have a very long and happy life together and that they are good role models for younger people.

“However, I think it wouldn’t be too difficult to find things that will have a more immediate impact on the lives of youngsters closer to home than the Royal Wedding.

“It may be that we are just coming to an end of weeks and weeks of television and radio coverage and mass coverage in the newspapers and magazines.

“However, I do feel strongly that, while the kids might enjoy colouring in bunting and things like that, is it doing their education any good?

“Its only an opinion and not really one I wanted to burden the teachers with, as I presume their line managers tell them what is going into what is taught.”

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “As part of the normal learning and teaching in the school, P7 pupils at Andover Primary School were given two pieces of homework with a royal wedding theme: one on comprehension and spelling with a royal theme; and one on the royal family tree, linked into the children’s studies on religious and moral education and citizenship.

“The whole school has been involved in making wedding bunting as part of their art work.

“All of these lessons tie in with the new Curriculum for Excellence, which links, where appropriate, different areas of the curriculum to give the children a full variety of learning experiences.

“The school sets time aside on Monday afternoons for a parents’ surgery when school matters including homework can be discussed. Parents should contact the school office to make an appointment.”