Park Brew campaign surpasses target

Jonh Leatherbarrow (left) and Andy Donald
Jonh Leatherbarrow (left) and Andy Donald

Two Brechin brewers are saying ‘cheers’ to the local public after their Crowdfunding campaign beat the £3000 target.

Andy Donald and John Leatherbarrow launched Park Brew in Janaury this year, but the success of the brewery has led to expansion.

A few months into the business, the duo soon realised they had grown beyondtheir fermentation buckets.

They said: “We outgrew the fermentation buckets we were using within two months, and within four months we were brewing three back to back brews every Sunday.”

Park Brew now produces four beers - Towhead IPA, Cross Keys 80 /-, North Port Brown Porter and St Ninians lager. The moved to larger premises in July which has given them space to grow but, to continue to increase production, investment in new equipment was needed, so they launched their Crowdfunder campaign, with a target of £3000.

They explained: “Every penny we make from the beer is reinvested back into the business, but it is a slow process.

“Still doing back to back brews we are now looking at increasing production again. To do this we need to invest in a new kettle, mash tun and hot liquor tank.

“We have done the maths and 1000L is ideal - this will give us the room to grow the business without the need to get bigger equipment for a few years.

“We got the idea from Jekyll brewing in Atlanta who did a similar fundraiser to launch their brewery.”

Last Sunday was the deadline to raise the fund, but the target was reached on Thursday evening, giving Andy and John three extra days of fundraising to reach their final total of £3594