Parking concerns raised in Brechin

Following concerns about parking in Brechin during busy events, a representative from the Caledonian Railway highlighted what has been raised on this issue.

Blair Winton said: “As an organisation, the railway takes part in many discussions with local groups and initiatives - like the recent Brechin Charrette.

“Over years, the consistent point that we’ve been making is that our city desperately needs increased car parking capacity for the efforts of volunteer groups like BRAVO, Brechin Music Festival and the railway to meet their full potential.

“It is our view that this is best taken forward with our partners at the local authority.

“We know that if we speak to people who live in the city they’re pretty clear that lack of parking is widespread and not just restricted to the area around the railway on Thomas days!”

Parking issues in the town has also been addressed by Sergeant Clark Renilson, ward sergeant for Brechin and Edzell, who has reminded the public as to their obligations in relation to parking from a legal aspect and from a road safety aspect.

He said: “Despite previous reminders members of the public continue to park on restricted areas where parking is prohibited with the main problem areas being St David Street, Swan Street, High Street and Market Street. There are also restricted areas in Montrose Street outside the two existing shop premises.

“Complaints are also received with regards to parking near to corners and opposite and adjacent to junctions. Parking in this manner not only causes problems for other road users but creates a safety issue for pedestrians. Angus Council provide ample free parking spaces in the areas identified and it is not acceptable for people just to abandon their cars where they see fit.

“Police Scotland would like to remind these individuals that they are committing an offence with breaches of the legislation not only resulting in a fine but in some areas an addition of points on their driving licence.”