Parking issues resurface

Parking issues in Airlie Street caused by construction of the new Brechin community campus, have resurfaced once again.

Earlier this year, Airlie Street resident Debbie Smith spoke of safety issues owing to vehicles obstructing views from driveways and cars parking too close to the junction with Latch Road, and the situation has returned again.

Debbie explained: “Although the situation improved for a while, it has steadily gone downhill again. The construction company have put procedures in place and are very sympathetic to our complaints.

“However, the measures that they have put in place are not working and the residents in this area are extremely concerned about the dangers that the parking could cause.

“Many of the residents have been up to complain but the measures they are putting in place are not working and the traffic is starting to increase around the corner now.

“A sign was put up to state ‘no construction cars beyond this point,’ but it has just been ignored. They say take a picture of the number plates and take them up to show them but many workers are not signing their cars in so this is not working.”

The construction firm at the site, Robertson Construction, has assured residents that they are doing all they can to minimise the impact on residents.

Dave Barber, operations director, said: “Although the project management has gone to great lengths to limit the impact our work has on the people living closest to the site, we are disappointed to hear that some of our contractors have ignored the measures put in place which asks them not to park near residents’ homes.

“While these workers are not breaking any law, we as the main contractor do have a duty of care to the community, which is why we have gone over and above to try and resolve this problem.

‘‘We’ve even gone as far as to acquire a piece of land in collaboration with Angus Council where workers can park their cars, and be shuttled to and from the school-site by mini-bus.

“This is a large construction development, which will inevitably cause some local disruption. However we do understand local frustrations and would like to assure people that we are still working to resolve this issue as best we can for the benefit of everyone