Pass it On week in Angus

Pass It On Week.
Pass It On Week.

Angus residents are supporting a new national week aimed at encouraging people to swap, donate, share and repair items to keep them in use for as long as possible, and prevent the huge volumes of re-usable items that currently go to landfill.

Pass it on Week is organised by Zero Waste Scotland to show the huge benefits there are from passing things on to someone else once you finished with them, and there are events happening in Angus for locals to attend and get involved.

Shelter Scotland’s stores in Arbroath and Montrose are holding a donation drive for Pass it on Week, calling on locals to donate any good quality books, CDs, DVDs, clothes and household items.

On March 11 and 12 Angus Council is holding two Swish parties for staff over lunch time. These will take place in Dewar House in Arbroath and William Wallace House in Forfar. The Council is also organising special collections of bras during Pass it on Week, to highlight the need in developing countries.

Pass it on Week events are also happening all over Scotland, and a full calendar of events is available to view on

Locals don’t have to go to an event to get involved, as Zero Waste Scotland is also calling on all Angus residents to pass on one thing they no longer want during the week.

This could mean passing something on to a friend, family member or work colleague, donating things to a local charity shop or if it’s a large item such as a bed, sofa or table and chairs, to call the National re-use phone line on 0800 0665 820 and arrange to have the item collected for free and taken to a local re-use organisation.

Zero Waste Scotland’s Chief Executive Iain Gulland said: “It’s fantastic to see so many events happening across the country for Pass it on Week. We want to show people that keeping items in use for longer is a great thing to do and can be fun, social and even creative.

“Whether you pass something on to friends, family or charity, repair or upcycle something to keep it in use, borrow rather than buy or purchase second hand, it can save you money and help the environment.”

Angus residents looking to buy re-used items need look no further than their local Revolve accredited store. Revolve is a quality standard awarded to re-use shops committed to delivering quality, good value and excellent customer service.