Pensioner attacked by a dog

A BRECHIN pensioner has spoken of her shock at being attacked by dog which was neither on a leash or muzzle.

The victim was bitten twice on the arm, and went to Brechin Infirmary for a tetanus jab, but still has another four jabs to get.

She is currently wearing a bandage to cover her wound.

The 63-year-old, who asked tot to be named, said of the incident: “I was walking along in Guthrie Park when someone came round the corner with two dogs, and the next thing I knew one of the dogs was biting my arm”.

Whilst making it clear that the owner of the dogs was very apologetic, the victim told The Brechiner that she had reported the matter to the police.

She continued: “My jacket is ripped beyond repair. If I wasn’t wearing my jacket I could have ended up in Ninewells Hospital.

“I understand the police gave the owner a warning, and that the dog now wears a muzzle.

“I also understand that the dogs will be kept on a leash from now on.”

Reflecting on the incident the pensioner said: “The dogs were totally out of control and it was unprovoked.

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time I suppose.

“I was certainly traumatised at the time when I saw the animal’s jaws come out!

“I suppose it’s better this happened than a young child was bitten in the face, but that isn’t the point.

Dogs need to be kept under control or people shouldn’t be allowed to own them.”