People urged to be cautious near water

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Jumping into the nearest waterway may seem a good way to keep cool in the recent hot spell but people are urged to remain cautious around water.

Whether near a river, loch, or lake people are asked tp put safety above all else when on, in or near to any open water.

Emergency services have to deal with tragic incidents each summer, involving people who have got into difficulty on the water.

Police Scotland would also discourage people from the dangerous act of ‘‘tombstoning’’ whether from cliffs, harbour walls or, indeed, bridges.

Jumping or diving into water from a height is inherently dangerous given uncertainty over the water’s depth and the force at which the person can enter the water.

Playing in and around a busy harbour is also very clearly unsafe and there have been near misses in recent years between fishing boats and youngsters jumping into and swimming in harbour areas.

Tayside Division appeals to anyone who witnesses the potentially life-changing, or life-threatening practice of tombstoning to contact them immediately.

Open water is a magnet on warm summer’s days, but no one should underestimate the natural forces of any open water – including their varying currents, temperatures and depths.

Just as important - no one should ever overestimate their own swimming ability.

People should only swim in designated areas and children should never swim unsupervised.

We would advise that no one, irrespective of age heads to the water on alone and no one should ever go swimming if they have been drinking alcohol.

Water sports thrive during the summer months in Tayside. However, irresponsible and reckless use of such watercraft presents a danger to the people using them and to every other person in or by the water.

Tayside Division has the power to enforce the Port Authority Bylaws and will do so. Furthermore, where any conduct is considered to be reckless or dangerous, appropriate action will be taken under Criminal Law.

Furthermore, all water sports enthusiasts and boat or water craft owners are reminded to be security conscious and be aware of the potential for opportunist crime. All appropriate steps should be taken to protect property.

Tayside Division would ask anyone who witnesses inappropriate or reckless behaviour on the water to contact them on 101.