Petition bid to reform community council

The establishment of a community council to serve the city of Brechin could become a reality in the near future, as locals continue the push for its reformation.

Residents are to be given the chance to sign a petition on the matter, following a recent meeting organised by Brechin resident Grahame Lockhart, a strong advocate of Brechin having a community council.

To establish a community council, a petition containing a minimum of twenty signatures of people residing in the area and registered on the electoral role must be submitted to Angus Council requesting the process to commence.

Mr Lockhart said: “Interest among a number of people has indicated that a new community council for Brechin is one way forward in helping the city be a place we can be proud of.

“The community council, having a statutory role, would be able to identify and express the views, opinions and needs of our community to our elected councillors, and hold them to account for decisions affecting us.”

Petitions will be made available to sign in the Brechin Advertiser office and Brechin Library, from Thursday, September 15 until Friday, September 30.

Those who would like to see a community council in Brechin are urged to sign.

Signing the petition indicates that you want Brechin to have a community council; it does not commit you to be nominated for election to it.

Mr Lockhart also mentioned the local council elections in May next year, saying: “Local council elections are due in May 2012 and the elected councillors for Angus will have difficult decisions to make in the current economic climate.

“These decisions will have a major impact on the future of Brechin and its people.

“The statutory voice of the community council, speaking on behalf of the community, will be one to which councillors will listen to and take heed.”

Those who attended the meeting in August were all in agreement that a new community council for Brechin was the way forward.

Christine McNally, National Development Officer for The Association of Scottish Community Councils, further emphasised the vital role of a community council before the meeting last month.

“The people of Brechin need to support the setting up of a new community council, to help give a voice to the people of the city, many of whom feel alienated from decisions being made on their behalf by others, decisions significantly impacting on their lives at this moment in time,” explained Christine.