Petition launched to save local facility...

Damacre Centre, Brechin
Damacre Centre, Brechin

A petition has been launched in a bid to retain a centre used by various groups in Brechin following fears it could close next year.

The Damacre Centre’s community team will be moved up to the new community campus when it is completed in 2016.

The petition, which is located at the centre, states: “There are currently over 20-plus community groups of all ages using the centre and there are real concerns that all of these will not be accommodated at the new campus owing to lack of space.

“Should Damacre Centre close this will mean that there will be no central community centre as people will have to travel to the top of Brechin to use these


The number of signatures opposing the closure is close to reaching three figures.

Of those locals who have signed the petition said: “I have used this for playgroups with my children and now my grand and great-grandchild. If this closes many of the local groups who use it will be lost.

“I have signed a petition at the centre but perhaps if more people were made aware of the pending closure something could be done. The bottom of the “toon” are loosing enough without this also.

“I am thinking of the future youngsters who will want to use this super


The centre was discussed during the Brechin Charrette held there earlier this year.

In the report by the charrette team, it stated that the “Damacre Centre has met many expectations of the east Brechin community and if Damacre Centre is closed other facilities, in addition to the Community Campus, should be sought to encourage ease of access to facilities in the area”.

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “The local community team will be moving to the new community campus when it opens in February 2016. We are confident that there is enough capacity for all groups at the new campus.

“We would be happy to speak with any groups or people who have any concerns.”