Planning ahead

A pre-engagement workshop meeting has been organised by the City of Brechin and District Community Council, allowing local residents and groups to discuss the campus plans ahead of the main Engagement Workshop – with the hope of finding the best way forward.

Chairman of the community council, Grahame Lockhart, said: “The Engagement Workshop to consider the new Community Campus gives the people of Brechin the opportunity to contribute to the design of the new facility.

“However, there is concern that the new campus will have an adverse effect of existing facilities in Brechin.

“Although there have been other consultations on the new Campus it is unclear if there is general agreement amongst the people of Brechin as to the best way forward for the new campus and its possible impact on existing facilities.”

The pre-engagement workshop meeting, on Friday, January 27 at 7.30 pm in the Cathedral Hall, will provide the opportunity to discuss the new campus with the view of reaching a general agreement as to the best way forward.

Representatives of community groups and organisations and others who are interested in the new campus are warmly invited to the meeting.

The community council hope that there will be common ground amongst the people of Brechin as they take part in the Engagement Workshop on Tuesday, January 31.