Plans for a new indoor play area?

A plea for indoor play facilities for children in last week’s Brechin Advertiser has provoked a reaction from the community.

Indeed, one local business has sugggested that there may be the possibility that Brechin could get an indoor play area.

Brenda Ingram had commented that Brechin had no indoor play facilities to allow children to play in a safe environment when the weather is bad.

Without access to a car Brenda found that she was limited in what activities she could do with children, struggling to find activities that could be enjoyed indoors but away from the house.

This was something that Celia Mowatt also felt strongly about.

“Good for Brenda,” said Celia. “I thoroughly agree, there is nothing for young children to do here during school holidays.

“It’s disgraceful that this is the only local town without a children’s activity centre.

“Not everyone has a car at their disposal to take their kids out and about.

“In my young days, and that’s going back a bit, we had the river, a beautiful clean, looked after river to swim in.

“A man, Sye Leighton, learnt us all to swim and will still be remembered by a few.

“Now our kids can’t even go in the river for the rubbish in it, the paddling pool is also a mess and there is no public swimming pool.

“Councillors should give our kids decent activity and playing facilities like all the surrounding towns. Our kids deserve better!”

However there may be some good news for many families as the Brechin Castle Centre has contacted the “Brechiner” explaining that there may be plans in the pipeline to introduce an indoor facility at the centre.

Yvonne Ritchie, Brechin Castle Centre manager said: “I refer to your piece in last week’s issue “Plea for Indoor Play Area”.

“As it happens, at Brechin Castle Centre we have been actively considering building an indoor play facility for some time and are in the early stages of market research before preparing a planning application.

“Hopefully this might lead to a solution to the problem identified by Brenda Ingram.

“Our regulars will also know that we have made changes to our country park this year.

“Admission is now free of charge and we are currently installing new play equipment.

“So, as ever, there is lots to do for young families throughout the summer holiday if and when the sun shines although there is no doubt that an all weather facility would be great in the sort of weather we have had recently.”