Plans to plant community woodland

On Sunday (November 23), an exciting tree-planting venture and act of Remembrance is taking place in Glen Lethnot.

The Woodland Trust has offered to supply trees to Community groups who can plant them in remembrance of the First World War. Lethnot Hall Community Group decided this would be a suitable and sensitive way to remember local people who served in that war.

Several years ago the group was made aware of a beautiful, framed Roll of Honour which was going to be put into storage in the school attic. It had been displayed in the school dining hall for many years. Prior to that it had been in Lethnot Kirk but was taken to the school when the Kirk roof was removed.

It was decided to get it cleaned up and the Community Hall Group is indebted to Stuart Spence, who used to live in the glen, and who restored the frame beautifully.

In recent years it has been hanging in Lethnot Hall.

Forty local men served in The First World War, and 11 of them lost their lives.

The group is greatly indebted to landowner Jamie Adamson who has given the use of an acre of ground next to Navar Church and graveyard (between Leightnie and Blairno) to plant the woodland.

Hall funds have been used to pay the four-figure fencing cost. The Lethnot community, friends and families have helped raise these funds over the years and they have enabled the provision and protection of this community woodland.

It is hoped everyone will enjoy the wood for many years and it is seen as an ongoing project. Young and old can take part and use it for recreation as well as learning about the trees, habitat, wildlife and remembrance.

Pupils of Lethnot Primary School expressed themselves keen to get involved and to help with the planting.

The 420 trees are all native types such as birch, rowan, willow and aspen.

Anyone with a glen connection or who just feels they would like to help plant this Community Woodland is invited to come along from 10 a.m. on Sunday.

You are advised to wear warm clothing and stout footwear, bring a packed lunch and, if possible, a spade. Obviously this is all weather dependant - please ‘phone 660269 or 660400 for further information or weather update.