When the weather is fine there are plenty of activities available for youngsters in Brechin (writes Shona Beaton).

But when the weather is bad there are just not enough indoor areas provided to entertain children, claims an Angus child-minder.

Brenda Ingram, a child-minder from Angus, said: “Brechin is a lovely pace, with great scenery and fine parks.

“When the weather is decent there are plenty of routes to follow for children on their bikes but what do you do when the weather has been as bad as it has been of late?

“I know that there are places in Montrose that provide indoor play areas for children but when you do not have access to a car these places are just not that suitable to go to.

“Each summer I look after children in Montrose, Arbroath and Brechin.

“Montrose and Arbroath both have things to do indoors but I really struggle finding indoor activities in Brechin.

“The school holidays have only just started but already the kids are getting bored being stuck indoors.

“For parents who are looking after their children for the whole holiday an opportunity to get just a few hours to sit in peace whilst the children play would be beneficial for both the parent and the child.

“There are activities set up at the leisure centre and these are fine but sometimes you cannot plan a day in advance so it would be good to have an indoor activity that you can just turn up and spend as long as you want.

“It is not just indoor play centres that Brechin lacks.

“All the children I look after love Harry Potter but unless I want to drag them on a long and boring bus journey to Dundee or Aberdeen there is no possibility that I can take them to a cinema to watch the latest film.

“It seems unfair that they are missing out.”

Brenda is not the only person who has commented on the lack of indoor facilities in Brechin.

After the Scottish Parliament elections earlier this year Brechin mum Lynne Sinclair voiced similar views: “Brechin needs more facilities for children.

“There are groups such as mums and toddlers which I go to, but Brechin really needs somewhere for children to play when the weather is bad.

“Montrose and Laurencekirk both have soft indoor play areas which are great for kids to play in when the weather is not so good but, unless you can drive, these places are not convenient to go to.

“A place which allows adults to sit and have a coffee whilst their children can play safely is something that Brechin needs as it seems to be the only town in this area that does not have something available.”

What do other Brechiners think? Is there enough for youngsters to do in Brechin during the long summer break?

If not, what do think is lacking? Send you thoughts to us via e-mail -