Police counter to close in March

Police Scotland have revealed the front counter changes will come in to affect on March 3, leaving Brechin’s front desk closed for good.

Brechin, along with Montrose and Carnoustie police stations, will no longer have a front counter provision, but Police Scotland has made assurances that the public can still meet with officers.

Police Scotland revealed plans for front desk closures and changes to operational hours in October last year, following a review into service provisions across Scotland.

During the review, it was found that a total of 22 demands were made to the Brechin station assistant during a three-day period. Of the 12 visitors to the public counter only one enquiry was classed as falling into the essential category.

Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson said: “Local policing remains the bedrock of the new service. The benefits of a single service are already being felt right across the country – with national specialist resource now meaning our local community team resource is further strengthened and supported. We have listened to all the views put forward and made changes to reflect this but an effective, modern policing service must evolve to reflect the communities we serve.

“These changes allow us to ensure more of the right people with the right skills are available at the right time and in the right places to serve communities in a manner that reflects the way people now live their lives.

“The review of Public Counters has contributed to this with Police Scotland committed to maximising police officers on the street and in communities working to keep people safe and to provide the high standards of service the public expects.”

Angus councillor, David May, who has long opposed the closure of the three Angus front desks, has voiced his disappointment at the move.

Mr May said: “This is sad news for residents in these three burghs as it is clear to me from contact with many Angus people that they, like me, are opposed to the fact that the three police stations in Brechin, Carnoustie and Montrose will no longer have police counters.

“In a rural area like ours this will certainly impact on what has been our record of excellent community policing and on a recent visit by Lib Dem MSP Alison McInnes she also made it clear she was opposed to the closure.”