Police Scotland target domestic abuse

Police Scotland launched a Scotland wide campaign focusing on all forms of domestic abuse at the start of the festive season.

The campaign - which includes television adverts - carries the warning from police to perpetrators that ‘If You Do It, We Will Find You.’

Since the formation of Police Scotland on April 1, up to December 2, there were 38,977 domestic incidents recorded.

During this period the detection rate for domestic abuse crime/offences was 80.1 per cent and there were 2,829 detections for Domestic Abuse bail offences.

Tayside Division has long recognised the malignant nature of domestic abuse and the devastating effect it can have upon its victims and their families.

With this in mind, officers know that it is imperative that the abusers are held to account for their actions and behaviour and strive to ensure that those who suffer domestic violence or abuse are given the right support.

Detective Inspector Tom Leonard of the domestic abuse investigation unit, said: “It is desperately sad to realise that at a time of good will to all that we actually see a marked increase in reports of domestic abuse. Contributory factors can be alcohol consumption, people spending more time together during the holiday and even the financial pressures of affording Christmas.

“They might be contributory factors, but they are in no way excuses and must never be seen as such.

“Domestic abuse in all its guises can and does have a dreadful impact on its victims. Police Scotland and its partners maintain a focus on this issue throughout the year. But it is important to shine a light on such appalling, criminal behaviour at this time of year, when there is a spike in the reporting of such incidents.

“Our officers will target domestic abuse as a priority, taking every opportunity to expose, investigate, record and tackle domestic abuse in whatever form it takes. We are sending a very clear message to that small but nonetheless significant number of people who wrongly believe that violence, including domestic abuse, is normal – acceptable even.”

Help is available. No one should ever be subjected to bullying, harassment, or even physical assaults at the hands of another, within the confines of their own home, let alone someone they know, trust and may have once loved, or love still.

Anyone reporting an incident will see their situation thoroughly and sensitively investigated and. Partner agencies are readily available to offer support and assist in dismantling this cycle of behaviour.

Victims of domestic abuse, female and male, can contact the Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline 0800 027 1234 (24 hours) to access support or for referrals to local support providers. For the perpetrators of domestic abuse, there is also the confidential service offered by the Respect Helpline 0808 802 4040.