Police warning after dog rescued from ice

An incident in Angus, whereby firefighters had to rescue a dog which had fallen through ice, has prompted Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to remind people to be aware of the dangers around frozen stretches of water at this time of year.

The rescue happened in Arbroath on Saturday.

The owner of the dog told Dundee control that it had chased a duck across the pond and had subsequently fallen through the thin ice.

Recognising the danger the owner would have been in had they attempted to rescue the animal, control sent a crew from Arbroath to assist.

The local knowledge of the firefighters allowed them to effect the safe rescue of the dog utilising their wet weather equipment, lifejackets and large axes as they broke the ice and waded through the pond to reach the dog. The owner was extremely grateful and thanked firefighters for their efforts.

Station Manager Fraser Scott said: “We would advise all members of the public to be aware of the dangers of thin ice during the winter season.

“We would advise against walking on the ice and ensure that children and dogs, in particular, are kept well away from any iced over ponds or rivers.

“It’s probably safer to keep you dog on a leash when passing any stretch of frozen water.”

Rivers are particularly dangerous if a dog gets carried away by the flow, under the ice.