Aiding events organisers

ANGUS Council is to launch a network to provide event organisers in the county with a means of communicating with each other, sharing ideas and experiences and improving the running of their events.

The Events Organisers Network will make possible a one-stop approach to event organisation, providing a forum for exchange of information and a toolkit to assist in planning these events, which add to the tourism attractions of Angus.

The Event Organisers Network was developed following feedback from successful training sessions entitled ‘Making a Success of Your Event’, aimed at community groups in Angus which run events for the general public. Those attending indicated great interest in further events of this nature, closer collaboration between event organisers and an interest in an online forum where organisers could share experiences and information.

The network launch will take place between 6.30 pm to 8 pm on Thursday, July 12 at Angus House, Forfar, and a series of follow-up workshops will be organised.

A website will also go live shortly to aid communication amongst organisers.

Any event organisers wishing to attend the launch, or requiring further details should contact Danielle Smith (tel: 01307 473226).