Aiming to work for the good of the ward

WORKING constructively together is the aim for councillor Bob Myles as he looks forward to a new term at Angus Council.

Having been re-elected to stand as a councillor for the Brechin and Edzell ward Councillor Myles is now keen to see how much the new SNP administration can deliver for Brechin.

“I want to wish them well and I will look on with interest to see how much they can deliver in Brechin.

“It is always easy in opposition. You can promise everything you like because you know you don’t have to deliver, but it will be interesting to see if they can deliver on all the promises that they made.

“I would say that the difference that they will have compared to what I had was that I will be working constructively with them to try and deliver for Brechin and any assistance they wish for then I will help.

“This is a contrast to what happened in the past when the SNP constructively tried to stop getting things done and that wasn’t helpful. We don’t plan to do that at all.

“We are always keen to work with others to get things done and I will be offering every assistance I can to help.”

With big projects such as the Brechin City Hall on the top of the agenda for Councillor Mairi Evans, Bob is interested to see what progress can be made.

“Mairi’s remit is now infrastructure services so her remit will include the flood prevention scheme.

“I will be pressing her to get the gravel bank removed and I will see if she has better luck than I had to get things moving on.

“The City Hall comes south of her remit but she will obviously try and help her colleagues put money aside for that.

“That would be in the region of a £5 million price tag and that is just for the initial upgrade.

“I put £1 million to do the first upgrade but to do the hall up to the modern access requirements it will cost about £5 million. Obviously final costings have to be done but that is the ball-park figure.”

Reflecting on the past five years as leader of the council Bob said: “I thoroughly enjoyed five challenging years.

“They have been challenging in every way of the word, as every decision we made was challenged by the SNP. I don’t think that was overly helpful.

“It is also challenging because of the reducing budgets that we get from the government and I can’t see the SNP administration in Angus blaming the Scottish Government any more.

“But, it is a fact of life, we are in challenging financial time.

“I think we have run a pretty tight ship in terms of the council finances - hence the reason that we are in a better position than many other councils.”