Angus MSPs welcome an increase in council housing numbers

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A boost in the number of new council house built in the Angus area have been welcomed by local MSPs.

Nigel Don, MSP for Angus North and Mearns, and Graeme Dey, MSP for Angus South, have both welcomed the new figures that reveal 122 new council houses have been built in the county since 2009 with Scottish Government funding.

Analysis shows that the Scottish Government Council House Build Programme - which was introduced in April 2009 – has seen more than £135m invested to provide local authority housing for people across the country.

The funding incentivises local authorities to build new homes – the first such central government support to councils in a generation.

The MSPs, who are both members of the SNP, praised the increase in housing

Commenting on the matter, Mr Don said: “The SNP Scottish Government’s ambitious programme of house building has provided funding for more than 122 new homes in Angus.

“The SNP Government is on track to deliver 30,000 affordable homes across Scotland by March 2016, with 1,324 council homes built in 2013/14 alone – the highest number since a new generation of council house construction was kick-started in 2009.”

Mr Dey added: “The efforts of this Scottish Government are in marked contrast to the previous Labour/Liberal Democrat administration which built just six council homes – all of them on Shetland - during the four years of their last term in office.

“Despite having to contend with budget reductions imposed by Westminster the SNP Scottish Government plans to spend over £1.7 billion to deliver on its commitment of 30,000 affordable homes during the lifetime of this Parliament, supporting an estimated 8,000 jobs each year.”