Angus patients losing out say Lib Dems

Pictured is Sanjay with Montrose councillor David May
Pictured is Sanjay with Montrose councillor David May

Members of the Liberal Democrats in Angus have said that patients in the county are losing out as hundreds of hospital beds are being axed.

Scottish Liberal Democrats have challenged the SNP Government over its poor record on Scotland’s NHS, as figures showed Health Boards have lost over 1,000 beds in just two years.

The Liberal Democrats say this drop in bed numbers comes despite discharges from acute specialities and A&E units being at their highest in a decade.

Angus councillor David May has backed the comments made by the Liberal Democrat’s health spokesman, Jim Hume MSP, about the poor record of the SNP over loss of beds.

Mr May said: “It is clear that in Tayside we have also experienced a loss of beds, as earlier this month a lack of beds was one of the factors leading to a cancellation of almost 3,000 elective surgeries in Tayside, along with shortages of staff, equipment failure ad administrative errors.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat Sanjay Samani, who is standing as a candidate for Angus in the Westminster elections later this year, added: “So much for the promise that integrating and social care would take the pressure off hospitals, but what we see is cutting of beds without proper community care resulting in patients in Angus losing out due to SNP mismanagement.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Jim Hume MSP commented: “The SNP in the Scottish Government spent so long campaigning for independence that they took their eye off the ball.

“These figures show in black and white that as a result, more than 1,000 beds have been lost from Scotland’s hospitals in the space of just two years.”

He added: “It’s little wonder that more patients are being treated in the wrong department, waiting times aren’t being met and patients are being kept in hospital despite being clinically ready to leave.

“Health campaigners and professionals, including the BMA and RCN Scotland have long complained about the severe capacity and staffing issues facing our NHS.”

He concluded: “Scottish Liberal Democrats will be keeping up the pressure on the SNP to give our NHS the support is so badly needs.”

According to the Liberal Democrats, health campaigners and professionals have ramped up their warnings over the state of Scotland’s hospitals and many face chronic shortages of staff and capacity issues.