Bob Myles addresses councillors’ comments

Councillor Bob Myles has responded to comments made by his fellow Brechin Councillors Mairi Evans and Jim Houston in last week’s Brechin Advertiser.

Councillor Myles said: “I think it’s sad and really pitiful that instead of defending or explaining their position on the Brechin flood proposals to puzzled Brechin residents, the two SNP councillors in last week’s Brechiner used it as an opportunity to launch a personal attack on me. Especially as most of what was stated was false.

“To clarify a few of the points, it is not illegal to argue the case for your constituents on what is clearly not a black and white issue. The Scottish Government controlled body SEPA’s representatives have been on record as saying if there was an overwhelming public interest demonstrated, decisions can be changed.

“I am at a loss to know why a Brechin councillor with the infrastructure remit on the council should not try and fight this case. Councillor [Mairi] Evans also said that I had every opportunity to convince council of my stance, this was also untrue, as anyone who was there, and she was not, will confirm I was continually interrupted trying to put the points across.

“It was clear the SNP leadership in Angus was not in the least interested in the arguments, as they had already made their decision before I spoke. This is borne out by their refusal to hear the non-political Brechin deputation that attended the Full Council meeting.

“What was even more galling was, in a spirit of cooperation, I was trying to work with the other Brechin councillors to get what is best for Brechin residents, and give Councillor Evans an opportunity to rectify her admitted mistake at the previous infrastructure meeting.

“They say if you have no defence you should attack, but I feel the SNP councillors are attacking the wrong person if they want what is best for Brechin. They should be speaking up against the arrogant dictatorial attitude that was the trademark of the previous SNP controlled Angus Council, and is creeping into their decision making again.”