Brechin & Edzell candidates have their say

Ballot boxes at by-election count for Fife Council seat covering Kennoway, Largo & Leven
Ballot boxes at by-election count for Fife Council seat covering Kennoway, Largo & Leven

Ahead of the Scottish Local Elections on May 4 all of the candidates standing in Angus have been invited to have their say on why the public should vote for them. This week we bring you Brechin & Edzell.

Brechin & Edzell Ward

Alison Andrews - Lib Dem

I’m a retired teacher and former Angus councillor. I believe the job of a local council is to make sensible decisions on behalf of the community, and to take care of those less able to manage by themselves. Half my adult life was spent abroad because my husband worked for the British Council. We’ve lived in countries where people don’t have the right to vote for who represents them and can’t make their own decisions about what happens to them. It made me appreciate how privileged we are to belong to a nation that does treat its citizens as responsible thinking adults.

Regardless of who is elected on 4 May, the statistic that would make me happiest would be that 100 per cent of the Angus electorate used their vote.

Kenny Braes - SNP

My name is Kenny Braes and I’m standing as an SNP candidate in the Brechin and Edzell ward.

This part of Angus means everything to me. As a farmer just outside Brechin, I have lived and worked here all my life. I know the meaning of hard work and I promise that, if elected, I will work tirelessly for the people of Brechin, Edzell and all the other communities that make up this ward. I have extensive local, practical and business experience which I will bring to Angus Council for the benefit of the people of this ward. I’m passionate about improving the distribution of locally grown food and drink through all parts of Angus. “A local pound is a Brechin pound”. I know how to get the best for Brechin and Edzell out of a tight Budget.

Bob Myles – Independent

I have been representing Brechin & Edzell on Angus Council since 1999, and always as an Independent, so have no masters other than the electorate. I have also spent over 60 years living and working in the area, so have a good understanding of the needs and wishes of the people.

I have served on most Council Committees as well as representing Angus on numerous regional and national bodies.

I was Leader of the council between 2007 – 2012, when the severe budget cuts started to kick in, but we always tried to find ways of achieving the savings required without cutting essential front line services. I have always been a councillor that looks for solutions to problems - if there is a will, there is usually a way. The only promise I ever make is ‘I will do my best.’

Marjory Smith - Labour

I have lived in Brechin for over 40 years and I am a retired headteacher. I was previously a member of Brechin Community Council, campaigning to improve our town and was instrumental in ensuring the town bus services the Health Centre and Infirmary.

I am concerned about bus services in Angus and I am supporting the Co-operative Party’s People’s Bus campaign to run services for people not profit.

I am standing in this election as the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate. I believe that Angus Council should be about empowering local people and I will make sure that my actions are in line with their wishes.

I am committed to putting the interests of the Brechin and Edzell first. I will campaign for the services that you and your family need. I will use my educational expertise to ensure that local schools receive the necessary support and investment.

I will be on your side and work hard for you.

Gavin Nicoll - Conservative

I was born in Forfar, my family were born and brought up in Brechin. I’ve worked in the area for over 40 years as a building contractor, employing a local workforce and using local sub-contractors and suppliers. Lately, I’ve been working with Angus Council as a housing inspector, dealing with technical problems, estate management and members of the public.

I was on the Builders and Employers Committee, chairman of the community council and president of Strathmore Rugby Club. I’ve visited extensively properties in the Brechin and Edzell Ward. It is an area of great history, beautiful scenery and has great residents. I have heard at first hand about many of the concerns and worries. If elected, will do my utmost to try and resolve these. I will be accessible to you and have no other work commitments. I will use my business skills and knowledge to make sure money and resources are used effectively for our area.

Jill Scott - Independent

The decision to stand as an Independent Candidate for the Brechin and Edzell Ward rises from the total support of my family that shares my deep commitment to this


I have worked with local authorities for years, including Angus, concentrating on housing and the homeless.

I have first-hand experience of the administration of Angus Council.

I am a worker and have the strength and determination to strive for change, for improvement.

I have the advantage of having been employed by Angus Council.

I am not interested in politics. I am focused on achieving the very best for business, employment, the amenities and environment, housing, and care of the vulnerable in this rural Ward.

Brechin and Edzell deserves a councillor who sees working for her Ward as privilege.

Please vote Jill Scott 1.