Call for full consultation on closures

North-east MSP Alison McInnes has called on Police Scotland to reconsider proposed front counter closures, including Brechin’s.

In her consultation submission to Police Scotland Ms McInnes highlighted that community councils had not been informed of the changes to policing in their local area and called for a full and formal consultation on the changes.

In her submission Ms McInnes said: “These proposals could have a real impact upon long-established links between police and our communities.

“People rightly value being able to report issues directly to their local police station. Now it seems that some people will have no option but to make a phone call to a remote call centre and speak to an operator who will not boast the same depth of local knowledge as local officers.

“I also understand that community councils have not been informed of the changes in their local areas or invited to comment.

“Indeed, I have already been told of a number that would like to have received a formal invitation to comment on the proposals and to be advised of future progress.

“Will Police Scotland therefore write to community councils across Scotland to ensure that, as the most local tier of statutory representation, they are informed of developments and aware of the current opportunity to submit their comments for consideration?

“Finally, it is also not clear whether the submissions and results of the consultation will be fully published, accompanied by the appropriate analysis.

“I therefore once again urge Police Scotland to agree to hold a full and formal consultation on the proposed changes and commit to making the findings public.”