Candidate issues election warning

Derek Wann, the Scottish Conservative Candidate for Angus, today called for the no voters of Angus to rally round and stop the SNP from holding the seat.

Warning the people of Angus that voting for anyone else but the Scottish Conservatives would be handing the seat to the SNP, Derek also echoed Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davidson’s line that in voting for anyone else, you would be paving the way for a toxic Labour/SNP Coalition in Westminster, with Alex Salmond pulling the strings.

Derek said: “The people of Angus have a very clear choice to make in the next few months. Do they want to return this seat to SNP and suffer five more years of gripe and grievance, simply put, a ‘Neverendum’ or do they want to send a message that the people of Angus are resolute in their commitment to the Union?

“Only by voting Scottish Conservative can we stop the SNP winning here again and only by returning a Scottish Conservative MP to Westminster, can Angus have a representative who cares more about the people and issues in Angus, above the SNP’s obsession with the constitution.

“The people of Angus voted overwhelmingly No in the referendum, it’s time to remind the SNP of that.”