Changes to electoral registration

Reminder letters are being sent to individuals who haven’t yet registered under the new Individual Electoral Registration system.

Individual Electoral Registration (IER), which came in to effect on September 19, has replaced the household registration system with a requirement to register individually.

The Electoral Registration Officer for Angus Council has already written to all electors across the council area to inform them of the change to the registration system. Many electors have automatically moved on to the new electoral register. However, some electors still need to take action to join or remain on it, which they will now be able to do online for the first time.

To register online, people simply need to go online at and make sure they have their national insurance number to hand.

When registering, people will also need to decide whether they want their details to appear on the open register - this is a version of the register that is not used for elections but can be bought by any person, company or organisation. People are automatically included on the open register when they register unless they choose to opt out. Opting out does not affect someone’s right to vote.

Alastair Kirkwood, Electoral Registration Officer for Angus, said: “Some electors are still to return their form. Those electors will receive a letter on or around November 21 that will explain the change to electoral registration system. Look out for the letter as it will tell you if you have been automatically transferred to the new register or not.

“If you have not been transferred you will need to provide some additional information and the letter will tell you exactly what you need to do. Anyone who has registered recently but received a reminder letter should ignore it.

“Letters may also be sent to properties which may be lying empty but we must receive a completed form from the owner or landlord confirming this so we can update our records correctly.”

For more information visit or contact the Electoral Registration Officer for Angus Council on 01307 462416 or email