Conservatives choose their Angus General Election candidate

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The Scottish Conservative and Unionist party has selected local campaigner Kirstene Hair to fight the Angus seat in next month’s general election.

Ms Hair stood in the Angus South constituency in last year’s Holyrood election and increased the party’s share of the vote by more than 15 per cent and reduced the SNP majority from 10,500 to just over 4000.

The 27-year-old was adopted unanimously at a meeting of the local party on Tuesday night.

She has pledged to put opposition to a second independence referendum at the forefront of her campaign to defeat the SNP in Angus.

Ms Hair said: “I am honoured to stand again here in Angus and I am fired-up for the campaign ahead. The Scottish Conservatives are the only party that can stand up to the SNP and oppose their unwanted plans for another referendum.

“It is clear from last year’s Scottish election result in Angus South and Angus North and Mearns that it will be a two-horse race between the Scottish Conservatives and the SNP.

“This area voted decisively to reject separation in 2014 and we were promised that the vote would be once in a generation, if not once in a lifetime.

“At this Election, Unionist voters have the opportunity to send a clear message to the SNP that they do not want another referendum and reiterate that the SNP is not Scotland and Scotland is not the SNP.

“I was born and brought up in Angus and educated at Brechin High School. I work and live locally and therefore have a strong understanding of the issues that matter in our area.

“Delivering for the people of Angus will always be my absolute priority as I am determined we need a strong advocate who stops at nothing to fight for the local area.

“I will provide a dedicated, resolute strong voice putting local people before party politics and I believe that is what Angus so desperately needs.”