Council launch leaflet to highlight that “any bin will do” for dog waste

Angus Council have highlighted dual purpose bins that dog owners can put dog waste in.
Angus Council have highlighted dual purpose bins that dog owners can put dog waste in.

In their bid to battle dog fouling across the county, Angus Council has produced a new information leaflet highlighting that “any bin will do”.

The leaflet was launched last week with the help of a Forfar primary school pupil Sophie-Ann Robson.

Sophie-Ann has previously highlighted the problem of dogs’ mess outside her school, Whitehills Primary, last year.

She also took her concerns to Forfar Community Council and her efforts resulted in her being presented with a ‘Hero of the Month’ award by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

Speaking at the launch councillor Jeanette Gaul said: “Although dog fouling is fundamentally the responsibility of dog owners, the council recognises it has a part to play in tackling this problem and we want to ensure dog owners act responsibly and clear up after their dog.

“This leaflet aims to outline the law and be a guide to dog owners on what their responsibilities and duties are.

“It is also designed to help members of the public wanting to report incidents of dog fouling.

“Dog fouling is one of the most common and unpleasant types of ‘litter’ and it is important to remember that if a dog waste bin is not readily available, you can use any litter bin or take it home and put it in your refuse bin.

“I’m delighted to be working with Sophie-Ann in taking this work forward as her work has already made a difference.”

The issue of dog fouling was raised recently at an Inveresk Community Council meeting, where the concept of a similar leaflet was suggested as a way to help tackle the issue.

The council’s leaflet stresses any bin can be used for dogs’ mess - a dog waste bin, dual purpose litter bin or a household general waste bin.

The leaflet is available on the council’s website and in all council ACCESS Offices, libraries, sports and leisure centres and in key areas across Angus where the council is targeting persistent dog fouling.

If dog fouling is a problem in you area report it to the ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.