Council thank village for support

Angus Council has thanked Edzell residents for their support and vigilance during the recent spell of heavy rain.

The weather gave both the village and the local authority a chance to test out their joined-up response to the threat of flood, including the recently installed flood alarm to manage flood risk to the upper parts of Edzell.

Community feedback meant the council were able to fine-tune the trigger levels of the water level gauge before the community flood plan was put in place. As the weather deteriorated around July 17, the lines of communication between the council and flood wardens on the ground were able to be tested. Strong relations that have been developed between the community and council were well demonstrated.

A spokesperson said: “Complementary efforts at Edzell, namely the physical defences being constructed by the council and the community’s determination to take responsibility for their flood defences with our assistance offer an effective approach.”

The water level gauge installed to manage flood risk to the upper parts of Edzell allows remote monitoring of water levels and triggers automatic alarms at pre-set levels. It helps the community and council co-ordinate the response to flood events.