Council to decide on Fairtrade signs

Pictured: Mary Leyden and Gill McKnight Rainbow Shop volunteers
Pictured: Mary Leyden and Gill McKnight Rainbow Shop volunteers

Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee met on Tuesday (yesterday), as we went press, to discuss the proposed policy on placing signage in Angus towns with Fairtrade accreditation.

If they decide that accreditation is of local geographical interest, there could be up to 10 ‘A Fairtrade City’ signs attached to existing boundary signs situated on A class roads.

The plans would see Brechin, which has Fairtrade accreditation, receive three signs. However, Transport Scotland has advised the committee that the Fairtrade logo is advertising, and said it must not be used.

In January, the committee agreed to allocate £3,000 of ward-based funding for Brechin to meet the costs of erecting the signs. Although, now that there are considerations to add signs throughout Angus, it is proposed that the capital costs for the signage comes from the allocation within the Planning and Transport Capital Budget for 2012/2013, freeing up the £3,000 ward funds for Brechin.

The decision comes as it is revealed that a meeting was held in Brechin to discuss the continuation of it’s Fairtrade status.

Helen Rothwell, from the Scottish Fair Trade Forum Edinburgh, was present at the meeting to explain the criteria that must be met to continue the Fairtrade Status.

She said: “It cannot be done by the churches and schools alone. Participation is required from the community to promote the Fair Trade Campaign.”

She continued to give advice on how the town should proceed if it wished to retain the status.

Due to the meeting having low attendance, Gill McKnight, who attended as a representative for The Rainbow Charity Shop, which sells Fairtrade goods, reported that there will be a further meeting.

This will take place on Monday, September 3 at 5pm in the Brechin Access Office, for anyone interested in helping to support the campaign and join a team to help Brechin retain its Fairtrade City Status.

If you are interested, go along or call Barbara Reid, Community Planning Team on 01307 474737 or 01356 627442.