Council wants your scam mail

Have you received a letter claiming that you have won a lottery draw?

Most people recognise that it is scam and won’t bother to respond and bin the letter, but this month trading standards wants your scam mail.

A scheme is place for scam awareness month where scamnesty bins are provided in every ACCESS office in Angus.

A council spokesperson said: “Scams are fraudulent schemes designed to appeal to people by promising riches or other desirable outcome such as good health. These claims are entirely false and the scammers are only ever after your money, preferably on a regular basis.

“If you think that you are being targeted with scam mail please take it to an ACCESS office and put it in the scamnesty bins. Our trading standards team will inspect all scam mail and find out where it comes from and help close down these scams.

“We can also offer you advice on how to protect yourself from all forms of scams – whether by mail, telephone or doorstep callers. You can contact trading standards at the ACCESS office or by calling 01241 435600. You can also keep up to date with scams in Angus on Twitter @ScamFreeAngus.

“If you reply to any scam, the fraudsters know you can be susceptible. They are likely to place your details on a “suckers list” and sell on to other scammers. They will try to attack you every way they can until they have all your money. Keep your details safe and don’t reply to what seems harmless mail such as surveys that ask for details such as age or income.

“Last year the National Scam Hub provided our trading standards team with 120 names of victims on suckers lists and working with the police and adult protection, financial losses were discovered and other losses prevented.

“Currently there are another 40 victims being contacted across Angus who have fallen for scams relating to prize draws and health products – mainly vitamins. Currently these individuals are being contacted to make them aware that they are being targeted. If you are one of those that are visited please listen to the advice to prevent further losses.”