Councillors pleased with ‘Better Together’ turnout

Pictured is a scene from the Better Together launch.
Pictured is a scene from the Better Together launch.

Angus councillor involved in the ‘Better Together’ campaign have said the response to the campaign has, so far, been “very good”.

The launch of the Angus Better Together campaign was held on October 14, in Old and Abbey Church Hall, Arbroath.

Angus councillors Martyn Geddes, David May and Margaret Thomson, who organised the event, were delighted with response. The councillors commented: “We had to put more seats out due to the turnout for the launch and the reaction from the audience was very good as large numbers signed up to give their support to the campaign.”

The meeting began with local speakers from the farming community and an ex-serviceman who gave views from their perspectives of why they felt Scotland is better as part of the UK. This was followed by a question and answer session with the panel, which also included MSPs from the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats.

The councillors added: “The questions asked included concerns about pensions, whether or not we would still have a base in Arbroath, what a separate Scotland’s armed forces would be, would we need a passport to visit friends and relatives in England, what new institutions which would have to be set up for DVLA, National Insurance etc. It was clear to the audience that there are still many answers needed from those supporting separation which have yet to be given.”