Crossing time increase worthy of further investigation says Angus MP

The time vulnerable pedestrians in Brechin and Angus have to cross the road using pedestrian crossings is currently being explored by the local MP.

Mike Weir, who represents Angus at Westminster Parliament, is establishing what can be done to improve safety for vulnerable pedestrians when using road crossings.

His probing into the matter follows approaches by a number of his constituents, who are supporting a campaign by Living Streets calling for an average of three more seconds of green man time in order to allow everyone to cross the road in comfort.

The power to make changes to pedestrian crosses lies principally with the UK government in Westminster.

However, local authorities have, in certain circumstances, a degree of scope for varying times at the crossings.

Speaking on the issue, Mr Weir said: “I have contacted the Transport Secretary on the matter to ascertain what action may be taken at UK level.

“My understanding, however, is that councils can, depending on the nature of the crossing equipment in use, extend the time given to vulnerable pedestrians to get from one side of the road to the other.

“Clearly the time needed may also vary depending on the width of the street and how busy it is.

“Although this may not be an issue for everyone, Living Streets point out that over three quarters of people aged 65 or over struggle to cross the road at signal crossing, and it is also clearly a serious concern for those who are partially sighted or less mobile due to ill health or disability.

“It is, therefore, worthy of further investigation to determine what can be done to improve road traffic safety for vulnerable pedestrians.”

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