European Parliament elections to take place tomorrow

The elections for the European Parliament take place tomorrow (Thursday), with voters set to select 73 MEPs in 12 multi-member regional constituencies.

Each region has a different number of MEPs based on its population.

In Scotland, six MEPs are elected by proportional representation, in order as listed by their party. The number of MEPs each party gets is calculated using a formula called d’Hondt, except in Northern Ireland, where the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system is used.

Polling cards were issues to voters in the post. Britain is one of eight countries – including Germany and France – to use a ‘closed list’ system. So you vote for a party, rather than an individual. The parties themselves decide who goes on the candidate list for each of the 12 electoral regions.

The ones at the top stand the best chance of being elected.

Candidates are as follows:-

Britain First - James Dowson; John Arthur Randall; Jayda Fransen; Geoffrey Clynch; Margaret Clynch; Jane Shepherd.

British National Party - Kenneth McDonald; David Orr; Victoria McKenzie; Angus Matthys; Paul Stafford; Stacey Fleming.

Conservative - Ian Duncan; Belinda Don; Nosheena Mobarik; Jamie Gardiner; Iain McGill; Stuart McIntyre.

Green Party - Maggie Chapman; Chas Booth; Grace Murray; Alastair Whitelaw; Anne Thomas; Steen Parish.

Labour Party - David Martin; Catherine Stihler; Derek Munn; Katrina Murray; Asim Khan; Kirsty O’Brien.

Liberal Democrats - George Lyon; Christine Jardine; Richard Brodie; Jade Holden; Siobhan Mathers; Euan Davidson.

NO2EU - John Foster; Andrew Elliott; Murdo Maclean; Gail Morrow; Brian Smith; Richard Veitch.

Scottish National Party - Ian Hudghton; Alyn Smith; Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh; Stephen Gethins; Toni Giugliano; Chris Stephens.

UKIP - David Coburn; Kevin Newton; Otto Inglis; Denise Baykal; Hugh Hatrick; Malcolm Mackay.