Financial incentive to downsize

Angus tenants whose homes are under-occupied are to be given a financial incentive to downsize.

The move will help Angus Council make better use of its housing stock by encouraging tenants with more bedrooms than they need to move to a smaller property.

The Downsizing Incentive Scheme was first implemented on April 1, 2011, and ran until the March 31, 2013. The scheme has had a positive impact on both under occupation and overcrowding levels within the council’s housing stock. An analysis of the scheme found:

Eighty-six per cent of recipients advised that they had moved due to their current property being too big; 14 per cent of recipients moved due to mobility issues; 53 households had successfully downsized their property; further tenants could also benefit from the scheme.

The council’s neighbourhood services committee agreed at their meeting on Thursday, to make some changes to the scheme to allow more tenants to downsize. Under details of the scheme, the grant will now provide a sliding scale of £1,500 for those downsizing three or more bedrooms, £1,250 for those downsizing two bedrooms and £1,000 for those downsizing one bedroom with an additional allowance of up to £500 for each applicant to cover removal and relocation costs.