Help at hand for vulnerable customers

Angus MP Mike Weir has welcomed the opening of Scottish and Southern Energy’s Warm Home Discount scheme for this year.

The programme aims to help low income and vulnerable customers by offering them financial assistance with their winter fuel bills.

Mr Weir, who is the SNP’s energy spokesman at Westminster, said: “Everyone has suffered from rising energy bills and each of the energy companies is now obliged to set out a Warm Home Discount scheme to help those of their customers who are in vulnerable groups or on low incomes.

“The scheme covers two groups – a ‘core’ group who will be identified through the Department of Work and Pensions and will be contacted directly, and a wider group which don’t automatically qualify under the core group but meet the company’s own criteria, which cover support for a range of customers in particular circumstance including those with a disability, long term illness or who are elderly and on a low income.”

The assistance available includes a credit towards winter fuel bills, debt relief, free energy efficient appliances and benefit entitlement checks.