Inglis Hall plans please councillor

Councillor Evans said she was “delighted” to see the report on Inglis Memorial Hall arrive before committee (see page four) as it signalled a “step forward” for plans for Edzell library.

She continued: “The Edzell Library Action group has worked relentlessly over the last few years since the library was closed to find ways in which the Hall and library could be reinvigorated. Thankfully they fought the closure of the library and have been determined from the outset to work with the council to find solutions. After nearly three years this work is finally coming to fruition, and this report signifies the start of the process to get things going.

“The closure of Edzell library was a major mistake by the last administration, but with this report and more down the line we are attempting to put this right in a way that will satisfy the people of Edzell.

“There is the potential to make the Inglis Hall an even bigger and better attraction with the possibility of a restored historic library combined with a modern lending library facility.

“We are desperately keen to make the most of this entirely unique building and will be working hard to do so. No options have been ruled out and we will be looking at all opportunities and how best to take these forward with the local community.

“This is something to get excited about and I will be working to ensure that we see workable solutions and plans coming forward.”