Janet to stand for Lib-Dems

LIB-DEM CANDIDATE: Janet Cowan - standing as a Lib-Dem candidate in the Angus Council elections this may.

LIB-DEM CANDIDATE: Janet Cowan - standing as a Lib-Dem candidate in the Angus Council elections this may.

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Janet Cowan has been selected to stand for the Brechin and Edzell ward for the local Liberal Democrats at the Angus Council elections on May 3.

Janet, before she retired, was a nurse and, both in that capacity as well as considering it from the patients’ point of view, she fully supports the need for a local hospital to serve the needs of local Brechin and area residents.

She is delighted to see the improvements in Brechin that have taken place though the town regeneration scheme and backs the Angus Alliance who have allocated considerable funds for the new Brechin High School community campus.

If she is elected she will be arguing the case for money for the much needed refurbishment of the city hall

As someone who appreciates work done by volunteers, Janet was pleased to see money from the council budget going into supporting the local community and volunteer led events like the Caledonian Railway and the Glenesk Retreat’s museum.

She is heavily involved in local community groups and helps to fund raise for them.

She serves as a representative of the tenants association and agrees with the council action on tackling the rent arrears they inherited from the previous administration.

Janet is aware there was a high number of tenants who could pay their rent and did not pay it and got away with it.

Janet commented: “Since the present administration took action there has been a massive fall in the number of tenants who do not pay their rent and I believe this should happened years ago”.

She backed the campaign against the Scottish Government cuts to student support and college funding and, though the students and the Scottish Lib Dems managed to get the SNP to u-turn on student support and reduced the cuts on college funding, she is aware college funding is still being cut and is concerned of the affect these will have on places and courses for Brechin and Edzell young people.

She is also an opponent of the SNP’s cuts in housing as there is a need for much more council housing.

Janet has commented: “I am absolutely delighted to be selected as the Brechin and Edzell Lib Dem candidate and, if elected, I will be able to devote all my efforts and time to serve the people in the ward.”