Labour’s Westminster candidate for Angus launches election bid

Pictured is John Ruddy, Jenny Marra, Lewis Macdonald and Gerard McMahon

Pictured is John Ruddy, Jenny Marra, Lewis Macdonald and Gerard McMahon

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On Saturday, February 28, Scottish Labour’s Gerard McMahon launched his General Election campaign for the Angus constituency in Arbroath.

Gerard was joined by members of the local party, as well as North East MSPs Jenny Marra and Lewis Macdonald, to officially launch, what he pledged would be, Scottish Labour’s biggest ever General Election campaign in the constituency.

Gerard McMahon, Scottish Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Angus, commented: “I am honoured to be selected as Scottish Labour’s candidate in Angus for this year’s General Election.

“I will be leading our largest ever ground campaign in Angus as we approach polling day and I am eager to speak to as many people as possible to ensure people in Angus know exactly what is on offer over the next five years.

“This election offers a clear choice for voters in Angus. We can either have five more years of a Conservative created cost-of-living crisis or we can elect a Labour government that will deliver jobs, growth and investment.

“Only a vote for Scottish Labour in May will give Angus the change it needs.

“A Labour government will support workers by strengthening the minimum wage with an increase up to £8 per hour, ban exploitative zero hours contracts and tackle youth and long term unemployment by taxing bankers’ bonuses.

“If people want Labour to replace this current government they must vote Labour. A vote for any other party risks David Cameron entering Number 10 through the back door.”

Discussing Gerard’s selection, North East MSP Jenny Marra, Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health, commented: “I am delighted Gerard McMahon will be representing Scottish Labour in Angus in this election.”

She added: “Angus needs an MP in the UK Parliament who will deliver a higher £8 minimum wage, and a youths jobs guarantee from a tax on bankers’ bonuses for young people who are unemployed in Angus.”