Land reform meeting held at Finavon hotel

Pictured are Derek Wann, Murdo Fraser, Hugh Campbell Adamson and Richard Blake.
Pictured are Derek Wann, Murdo Fraser, Hugh Campbell Adamson and Richard Blake.

Four local dignitaries were recently involved in a public meeting on land reform at the Finavon Hotel, which was attended by 100 people.

Scottish Conservative Spokesman on Land Reform Murdo Fraser MSP, Derek Wann Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Angus (Scottish Conservatives), Richard Blake of Thornton’s Law and Scottish Conservative Trustee of the Salmon and Trout Association, Hugh Campbell Adamson were on hand to discuss the issues.

The meeting discussed both the practical and legal implications of the Scottish Government’s proposed Land Reform Bill on the rural economy and jobs.

Derek Wann explained: “When canvassing the doors of rural Angus, I am continually asked what we can do to halt this reform. At the request of many concerned Angus voters, we decided to hold a public meeting to explain in-depth the implications of the Scottish Governments’ Land Reform bill which would be another example of their state controlling policies and have a huge detrimental impact on the future livelihood of our rural community.”

Murdo Fraser MSP commented: “Land Reform on the scale of what the SNP proposes represents a massive expansion of state power. Any attempt to break up farms and impose burdensome rates on sporting estates has the potential to jeopardise thousands of jobs in rural Scotland.

“By hosting a series of public meetings throughout Scotland the Conservatives are engaging with the very people who will be affected by these plans. We believe that what is most important is not who owns the land but how it is used.

“What concerns me is that we are seeing a bidding war on the left between the Labour Party and the SNP, with each trying to be more radical on land reform, but lacking any clear understanding of the real issues in rural Scotland. What we need is an evidence-based approach, not an ideological one, and that is what the Scottish Conservatives will provide.”

Richard Blake, who spoke on possible changes to Succession law, said: “The Scottish Government has indicated that changes to the law of Succession will be part of their Land Reform programme.