Lib Dems aim to rebuild relations

Leader of the Scottish Lib Dems Willie Rennie visited Lib Dem students at Dundee University to set out how his party plans to support Higher Education and to rebuild relations with students.

He said: “People often forget it was the Liberal Democrats who won the battle to abolish tuition fees in Scotland in the face of strong opposition from Labour which had just introduced them across the UK.

“And it was the Liberal Democrats who supported the abolition of the graduate endowment in Scotland with opposition from Labour and the Tories. The debate over tuition fees in England has tarnished our strong relationship with students in Scotland but I am determined to rekindle it.

“That’s why I was so disappointed to see the SNP move even further away from their pledge to scrap university student debt by increasing loans and cutting bursaries at a time students need support most.

“In the budget debate in parliament I urged the Scottish Government to make changes to student loan arrangements. Graduates here begin to repay their student loan once they earn over £16,910. In England students don’t pay anything until they earn over £21,000. I want the SNP Government to match that threshold.”