Lib Dems welcomed Contract award news

Angus Liberal Democrats have welcomed the news that the construction contract for Brechin’s flood prevention scheme has been awarded.

Angus Council announced last week that the contract had been awarded to Morrison Construction Ltd.

Sanjay Samani, who is the Angus Lib Dem candidate for the 2015 General Election, said: “This is excellent news for Brechin and a big step forward in protecting the City from future flooding.

“With the virtually non-stop rain over the last two weeks, there have been many incidents of localised flooding across Angus and Tayside. Fortunately none of these have been very severe.

“Last year, Angus and Mearns Lib Dem proposed a policy on affordable flooding insurance which was adopted by the national party.

“We were delighted to see our policy delivered by Lib Dems in Coalition in the 2014 Water Act, along with an agreement with the insurance industry to ensure that Angus residents can get affordable insurance against flooding.”

Councillor David May added: “I was delighted to hear that Brechin’s flood defences are taking a big step forward.

“However it has highlighted again that the Scottish Government’s funding flood defence schemes is flawed. The Government introduced a crude formula based on population in 2009.

“It is now abundantly clear that the funding should be based off the detailed maps of flooding risk available to the Scottish Government.”